Eco Committee

Our Eco Committee is at the heart of our school's eco action and learning. We have two members from every class who were selected by the Year 5 Eco Warriors because of their enthusiasm and commitment. They are key to helping all children communicate their ideas and take part in making change happen. 
The Eco Committee meet at least every half term.
Below are the minutes for our meetings. The children record our discussion and action points. 
May 2021

Blake has noticed that a lot of stationary car drivers leave their engines on at drop off and pick up times. He has noted that the fumes are unhealthy and make his walking and cycling arrival journey at school quite unpleasant. Let’s help Blake and the other children by turning off engines at these times so that the children can have clear, healthy air to greet their arrival at school.

June 2021
Stanley and Rory in Reception class were annoyed to see rubbish on the ground and plastic bags thrown as birds could get caught in this rubbish. They want to pass on the message of making sure we all put litter in the correct bins.