Oak Class (Y4) 2021-2022

Anglo Saxon Topic
For our Anglo Saxon Topic, we looked at the burial site at Sutton Hoo. The children learnt about the importance of the site and its artefacts. Then, we decided to design and create our own versions of Anglo Saxon masks.
If you want to find out more information on Sutton Hoo, take a look at the national trust website:
We had a beautifully crisp, cold day for the first Year 4 Forest School Session today. The children had all remembered lots from their previous sessions so we were able to crack straight on with our activities for the day. Some children chose to practice their fire lighting skills, while others made some bird feeders or hung out in the hammocks. 
We spotted 'Jackie' the mouse again (first time since the summer), which caused much excitement.
The afternoon group decided to built themselves some swings. They were able to rig up two great swings entirely on their own. Super teamwork, problem solving, measuring and perseverance skills were shown.