Year 5 Forest School 2021-2022

It was great to get back into the Nature Garden with Year 5 today. Having had Forest School sessions for the previous three years, they are now all very familiar with the way things run. The children are free to choose what activities they would like to do and have the knowledge and skill to do them independently (ish).
We had glorious sunshine for our sessions today. Lots of den building, fire lighting, bird feeding and marshmallow toasting went on!
28th January 2022
This week, the children all put their World War 1 learning into practice. They built trenches, made rations, a hospital station and no man's land. The children were all completely engrossed in the experience. Mrs Henderson came down to the Nature Garden to visit too.
This afternoon, there were a couple of successful butter knives made and Lily was our in house photographer for the afternoon, capturing some fantastic shots of the friendly robins who are often seen making use of the bird feeders. 
Today was a great day!
During the hazard walk, the children were asked to look really closely at the patterns and textures the frost had left behind. It was such a stunning morning. We took advantage of the cold conditions and had a go at ice painting. It was a lovely activity as the ice looked like stained glass windows.
4th February 2022
We had a very bubbly day today! We made bubble machines and used washing-up liquid, glycerine and water to make some enormous bubbles! We also made bread and a couple more butter knives.