A musical visit to our school

We love music at St Marys and St Joseph’s Catholic School! We were very lucky to be visited by two members of the Purbeck Youth Orchestra. Tammy and Emma are fantastic musicians and delivered a lively music presentation to our children. They played a range of instruments including the saxophone, the oboe and clarinet. Our children discussed musical dynamics, whilst listening to a live performance. Children also compared the pitch of instruments. Tammy and Emma played a number of pieces in duet, and children discussed tempo and the rhythm in the music. Timbre, meaning the mood of the music was touched on too. We heard a ‘bright ‘ timbre in the upbeat melody of some instrumental pieces. Our children really enjoyed watching a live performance from some talented role models. Many questions were asked by the children. We do hope the girls and their beautiful music will return one day soon! Information on the loan of instruments and a contact email is here on our school website. Please do contact Purbeck youth music to find out more about music lessons, beginner groups and instrument loans.