Beech Class (Y3) 2021-2022

As part of our 'Flow' topic, we visited the River Frome this afternoon. We have been learning about the main features of a river, so we tried to identify some of these. We could see the river banks, river channel, a couple of tributaries and the flood plain. We mapped our route when we got back to the classroom.
This afternoon we dissected some barn owl pellets. To begin with, we were slightly wary of them as they looked a bit gross, but we soon became fascinated by all the small mammal skulls, teeth, ribs, femurs etc that we found. We were really lucky to find a fairly large bird skull too! We use identification charts to identify what animals we had in the pellets. Super afternoon!
We had a fantastic first forest school session today. The children had remembered a lot of the skills they learned last year and have now progressed onto using tools. Today, they learned how to safely use a peeler to strip the bark off a length of hazel to make a wand.
By the end of the block of sessions, they will be able to whittle their own stone age spears!
We have had a great couple of weeks in Forest School. The addition of a new double hammock has caused much excitement and has led to a couple of the children having mid-afternoon snoozes - how lovely!
We made a whole class Stone Age inspired muddy hand printed sheet and have cooked two lots of bread: one with honey and the other with garlic butter.
We've cleared the pond of weed and have been practicing our peeling skills. All in all, a very busy and successful couple of weeks.
We visited Hooke Court for our school trip this year. We took part in lots of activities related to our history based Stone Age topic. We made pottage using cabbage, carrot, peas, parsnips, leeks, onions and beans. We made some bread and cut up liver using flints. We then cooked everything over the fire.
We made some jewellery using clay beads, and had a go at weaving.
After lunch, we did some cave painting inspired art. We also mixed up some daub and covered the hazel fencing in it (wattle).
Finally, we made our own hazel fencing and tested it's strength by running into it!