Our curriculum Intent



St Mary & St Joseph's Curriculum Intent

At St Mary & St Joseph’s school we aim to develop challenging and exciting opportunities and strategies which support and motivate our children enabling them to grow into independent, reflective, self-regulated learners and leaders. By the time they leave our school, we want them to have a confident knowledge of what they have learned by using the skills we have taught them so that they can independently reflect on their learning and feel motivated to learn more becoming lifelong learners. We want them to have the linguistic oracy skills to be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas to others so we ensure they develop a range of vocabulary as they progress through the school in all subjects. We want all children to experience challenge in order to perform to their full potential by facing the mistakes they will make and learning how to resolve them thus becoming more resilient learners.

Our curriculum has a thematic and creative approach and is regularly revised to ensure children are taught progressive knowledge and skills through scientific investigations, creative arts, historical and geographical enquiry as well as a relentless focus on Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We use first hand experiences and our locality to drive and motivate the children including extra opportunities for them to experience new activities or follow up on their own interests. At our school we see our role as one to spark curiosity, creating a world of opportunity, awe and wonder.

Enjoyment of learning is key to success and at St Mary & St Joseph’s, we recognise the importance of the building blocks of knowledge and skills by revisiting prior learning, including vocabulary, in order to develop long term memory development.

Building close links between home and school is an essential part of child development and enables our children to achieve their full potential. School and class curriculum overviews are updated termly, sent via parentmail and available on class pages for parents to access. We believe that the children should feel happy and safe at school and then they are able to develop a thirst for new experiences and knowledge.

When children leave our school at the end of Year Six, we strive for them to be well rounded individuals who have the necessary literacy and numeracy skills to succeed in life whilst having experienced an inspiring curriculum which gives them every chance to succeed.