March 2021

3rd March 2021
Dear Parents,
On the last day, we will stagger the end of day times for Year 1 (1:30pm), Year 3 (1:35 pm) & Year 4 (1:40pm)to relieve congestion and allow social distancing measures to be in place.
This week is called Holy week in the Christian Church year.
It's a time to reflect on the actions of Jesus leading up to his resurrection on Easter Sunday. It's a time to reflect on his emotional journey from the anxiety he felt on his arrest to the sorrow and pain of his crucifixion to the joy of his resurrection. This last year has had similar emotions for all of us and the resurrection offers us HOPE - one of the catholic theological virtues. We are all needing HOPE during this pandemic and hope is only understood if we have experienced anxiety, sorrow, pain and joy.
Please find time to reflect on the journey of Jesus during Holy week by listening to the teacher and pupil reflections on our website page (Home assemblies- Holy week gatherings).
There are also short reflections on the link above this message.
Best wishes,
Mrs Christopher