We love reading

We Love Reading!

Follow the link for some recommended books by key stage:





Handy Hints:

Oxford Owl is an excellent website full of tips for parents to encourage and help their children with reading. See the website links below:

Other excellent reading websites include:

Key Stage 1 & 2:

Key Stage 2:

Year 6:

A useful site for spellings is:



Key Stage 1 Phonics and Reading Schemes

Our phonics teaching is based on Letters and Sounds but adapted to suit the needs of our children with a variety of resources.

Reading Eggs is an online reading programme that makes learning essential reading skills a fun and motivating experience. All of our children at St Mary & St Joseph’s have individual login details for Reading Eggs. There are lots of games, lessons, songs and golden eggs .

Children use the Reading Eggs programme on a regular basis in school and by accessing it at home can reinforce their learning. This programme supports each child’s learning, allowing them to progress at their own rate. 

Our reading schemes include:

  • Oxford Reading Tree        

  • Rigby Star

  • Ginn All Aboard

  • Collins Pathways

  • Treetops

  • Reading 360 Pocket Books

We use a range of schemes in order to show the children that books come in many forms. We also supplement the schemes with a variety of other books and reading materials.

Please encourage your child to read a wide variety of books, comics and other materials. Perhaps as a family you might like to join the local library. You are the best role models for your children and if they see you enjoying reading they too will want to read. The key point to remember is that we want all of our children to have a love of reading and become lifelong readers.