School Routines


Early Birds operates each day.

            8 am until 8:45 am

Late Owls operates each day during term time

       3.15 pm until 6 pm


Any child is welcome. Booking forms are available by the school office or on the school website.


September 2020 School times are as follows :


Morning Sessions: 8.55 am - 11:45am (KS 1) 12.20pm (KS 2)


YR & KS1 Morning Playtime: 10:10am -10:25am   KS2 10.30 am-10:45 am Mon, Tues, Fri

                               Swap over on  Weds & Thursdays due to KS2 PE


Afternoon Session: 12:45pm - 3.00pm (KS 1) 1.10pm-3.00pm (KS 2)


Afternoon Playtime: 2.15 pm – 2.25 pm (YR & KS1)