Catholic Social Teaching

Our CAST School's Gospel Values

All of the schools in Plymouth CAST share the same Gospel values as it unites us as an academy and creates a similar vision for our schools. Each term, we explore the meaning of these values through group discussions, images and poetry. They stem from Matthew's Gospel when he explains Jesus teaching to the apostles about the greatest values and blessings, commonly called The Beatitudes. At our school, each class is a guardian of one of these values. They are:
Kindness, Forgiveness, Humility, Peace, Courage, Integrity, Compassion, Justice

June 2021: 'Our eyes are watching you' campaign (Cornwall G7 summit)

July 2021:

Stanley and Rory in Reception class were annoyed to see rubbish on the ground and plastic bags thrown as birds could get caught in this rubbish. They want to pass on the message of making sure we all put litter in the correct bins. Please see more Eco news on the school website page.

Request by Blake in Year 3

Blake has noticed that a lot of stationary car drivers leave their engines on at drop off and pick up times. He has noted that the fumes are unhealthy and make his walking and cycling arrival journey at school quite unpleasant. Let’s help Blake and the other children by turning off engines at these times so that the children can have clear, healthy air to greet their arrival at school.


End of Year Sponsored Obstatrak Event News: The pupil chaplains are delighted to announce that the 'Send a child to school' campaign has raised £1,284. This will help a girl called Yessica to attend school for over two years. (Compassion UK charity) They will keep us up to date with this project over the year.

September 2021:   Our efforts to change our ways in order to help the planet continue.  Last year’s Eco warriors led the school in achieving the Eco bronze award. They will now pass on their knowledge to the new Year 5 Eco warriors who will lead us to achieve the silver award by the end of this school year.Look at our Eco Board on the website for more information on this topic.

  November 2021: Years 5 & 6 have Questiontime with local MP re. climate change and other issues.